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The development progress of MEMS sensor project is more smooth than expected


  1. Jiwei News, on December 8th, Kangsite stated during the institutional investigation that the development progress of the MEMS sensor project was smoother than expected. The chip stopped streaming, and after two cycles of testing, the chip samples once reached the expectation, and the next batch of tapes was started.

    At the same time, after the clean room of the Yanqing plant is built, the entire IDM format will be introduced. The company is also building a vertical industry at the back of the pressure sensor. High-precision pressure measuring instrument used on site.

    It is reported that the MEMS sensor project is designed in conjunction with the German team, and it is requested to tape out the film in Germany. After the subsequent packaging test data results reach the expectation, the company will also introduce the entire tape out of the production line in a timely manner to complete the purpose of the IDM format.

    In response to changes in Sino-US relations, Const said that the impact on the company is mainly concentrated in two aspects: the first is tariffs. Before the tariff increase, the company's product tariffs were mostly below 4%. After the 25% tariff increase, the company's tariffs will be 1.71 million US dollars in 2020, which will affect the gross profit margin of about 3-4 points. With the easing of economic and trade relations, assuming a tariff reduction of 2 million U.S. dollars under extreme conditions, the overall profit of the company will be increased by about 13 million yuan.

    The second major impact is the increase in the cost of logistics and original materials for the superimposed epidemic. In the first three quarters of 2021, the company’s suspension cost increased by 24.71 million yuan year-on-year, of which 14% was affected by the original data. In terms of logistics, we shipped shipping in early September and entered the port in the United States in early December. Therefore, some order companies can only choose Air freight at a higher price.

    Konst said that the company's business expansion encountered certain resistance during the epidemic last year. At the same time, the company is still rapidly expanding the scope of its R&D team. The continuous increase in R&D investment, superimposed on the impact of the epidemic and high R&D costs, did have a certain impact on performance. . At the beginning of this year's budget, the company has increased the relevant work budget, but due to the inertia of investment, this year's overall R&D expenses will increase to a certain extent. The 2022 will be a turning point for the company's performance, and the proportion of related expenses will be reduced. (Correction / Nisshin)