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What are the key technologies of LED Mounter


  1. At present, LED lighting products with environmental protection, energy saving, and cost-effective have been accepted by the market. At the same time, the government also has corresponding policy support to promote the application of LED in indoor lighting, and the LED lighting market is developing rapidly. The rapid development of the LED lighting market will inevitably involve the rapid development of LED placement machines and LED consumer equipment. Guangshengde placement machine introduces to everyone what are the key technologies of LED placement machine?


    LED placement machine

    1. Fine machine photoelectric integration technology

    During the operation of the LED placement machine, the performance of this technology: the placement head picks out the components from the feeder through precise mechanical movement and passes through the calibration mechanism to accurately and quickly install the components on the PCB board .

    2. Visual technology

    Adopt non-stop fast shooting positioning technology to complete optical image capture positioning and flight alignment.

    3. Magnetic levitation technology

    The application of magnetic levitation linear motor drive with motion control technology that can handle high speed and placement accuracy has improved the original servo rotary motor screw nut, which has the defects of low speed and high noise. The linear motor uses magnetic levitation technology, which has no friction, no resistance, high speed and long service life during movement.

    4. Efficient and intelligent software technology

    With the increasingly complex and diversified composition and structure of placement machines, the importance of placement machine software technology has become more and more manifested. Efficient real-time multi-task parallel processing operating system, intelligent placement program optimization, automatic diagnosis technology, etc. are bound to greatly improve the efficiency of consumption and the quality of production.

    5. Modularization and system integration technology

    The purpose of modularization and system integration technology is to propose an optimized and improved processing plan for the three fundamental requirements of the speed, accuracy and flexibility of the LED placement machine. The flexible modular technology emphasizes the portability, interoperability, scalability and configurability of the equipment, and provides the reconfigurability and openness of the equipment control platform to the control requirements, so that it can structure and complete specific requirements simply and efficiently. Surface mounting equipment improves assembly consumption rate.

    6. The motor uses the concept of lightweight design

    It can greatly reduce the partial weight of the machine movement, so that the power consumed during the operation of the machine is also greatly reduced to as long as 1/4 of the cost of the ordinary placement machine, and the power consumption can reach less than 1/4 of the ordinary placement machine; LED placement machine The request for placement accuracy is not high, but the request speed is faster. The mainstream application of LED placement machines should be able to mount large-area PCB boards, which must meet online requests to ensure speed.