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ROHM semiconductor IC layout interpretation of on-board power supply


  1.   "Environmental protection", "safety", "information and comfort" are becoming the three main reasons to promote the development of electronic cars. Taking low fuel consumption as an example, those sophisticated electronic control systems that rely on advanced electronic components have become powerful tools to help cars because of how to effectively control fuel injection through sensors, adjust various control valves and make generators more efficient. Manufacturers stand out.Moreover, since airbags have become the standard safety configuration for more than 20 years, automobile safety technology has also made great progress. From "passive safety" represented by seat belts, airbags and collision detection systems, to "active safety" measures such as anti-lock braking (ABS), electronic stability control, adaptive suspension and rudder/roll control, to the latest "driver assistance" (ADAS) systems. These systems are gradually integrated with vehicle-mounted communication systems, making the vehicle more autonomous and intelligent

      Kuboyou, product strategy director of ROHM Semiconductor LSI, which is represented by Lian Fengtai, believes that since each of the above applications corresponds to a different microcontroller and corresponding power IC, therefore, automobile electronization will promote the rapid development of power IC and the trend of diversified demand. Statistics show that global car sales will grow at a rate of 3-4% a year by 2020, while products related to automotive electronic components will grow by 7-8% a year.