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Sensors play an important role in the Internet of Things industry!


  1. As the Internet of Things grows, it will eventually lead us to an intelligent world full of sensors.

    1. Sensors are the cornerstone of the development of the Internet of Things

    Lei Jun once said such a famous saying: "Standing in the wind, pigs can also fly, grow small wings, can fly higher. With the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issuing the commercial license for 5G on June 6, the arrival of 5G seems to have pushed the Internet of Things into the forefront. What are the little wings of the Internet of Things?

    As can be seen from the hierarchy diagram, the Internet of Things is mainly composed of four parts: the perception layer, the network layer, the support layer and the application layer. As the foundation of the whole Internet of Things, the importance of sensors is self-evident. The massive data information in the Internet of Things system comes from terminal devices, whose data sources can be attributed to sensors, which make all things have "sensory" functions. For example, humans perceive their surroundings through sight, hearing, smell and touch, and objects can also perceive their surroundings through a variety of sensors. It is more accurate and extensive than human perception. For example, humans cannot accurately sense a particular temperature of an object by touching it, nor can they sense thousands of high temperatures, nor can they distinguish subtle temperature changes, but sensors can. It can be said that sensor is the "language" of object to object communication in the era of "Internet of everything".

    2. Sensors shoulder heavy responsibilities

    As the perception layer is the root and core of the Internet of Things, sensor technology plays a very important role in the development of the entire Internet of Things industry, and has become the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of the Internet of Things in China.

    3. Sensor trends

    Opportunities and challenges

    China's Internet of Things industry will become a trillion yuan level of emerging industry, iot has a very broad development prospect. Sensor is the basic detection terminal of Internet of Things. Sensor technology is the focus of the market. The sensor application market is very broad, which is undoubtedly a huge opportunity for the sensor industry.