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What is an acceleration sensor? What types are there?


  1. Now, with accelerometers, you probably don't know anything about accelerometers, because you don't see them very often. In short, this is for testing acceleration, such as airbags, as well as impact speed tests on cars, mobile phones and other devices. According to the sensor, the sensor is also divided into a variety of different categories, the following introduces several common categories.

    A, piezoelectric

    Piezoelectric acceleration sensor is a kind of special sensor, belonging to inertial sensor, which is very common in practical application. The basic principle is the piezoelectric effect of quartz chip or piezoelectric ceramic, which causes the accelerometer to vibrate and drive the work of each component, thus obtaining specific acceleration data.

    Two, piezoresistive type

    Piezoresistive acceleration sensors are based on silicon micromachining technology. Such sensors are usually small in size and consume little power, which is their advantage. Because of these advantages, piezoresistive sensors are often integrated into a variety of digital circuits for specific applications, such as testing instruments, equipment vibration monitoring, and other aspects.

    Three, capacitance
    Capacitive acceleration sensor is different from the above two kinds. It is a kind of sensor based on the principle of capacitance to realize the pole-distance effect. Although more general, but in some areas cannot be replaced, such as mobile phones, car airbags and so on. Another characteristic of this kind of sensor is its low cost, because its production process and material requirements are not very high, so it does not need too high cost.