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ROHM semiconductor "when the on-board battery is under voltage, only one chip can realize the safe lighting


  1.    Semiconductor manufacturer ROHM, which is represented by shenzhen lianfengtai technology, has developed an ultra-small, high-output linear LED driver IC "bd18336nuf-m" for automotive daytime running lights, position lights, taillights and many other socket LED lights. Only the chip can provide safe lighting when the on-board battery is charged.

    At present, the super small socket LED lamp with excellent maintenance performance has attracted wide attention in the field of automobile. Roma's new product "bd18336nuf-m" is a very suitable LED driver for driving such LED lights. When the battery voltage drops from 13V to 9V, the new undervoltage current bypass function can be used to switch the LED current path to prevent the lights from going out, and the brightness can always be above 30%. In addition, the 3.0mm subcompact package provides a high output of 600mA. Compared with the previous products, the installed area of the circuit including the peripheral is reduced by about 30%. It can be installed on the 10mm square circuit board required for the LED light of the ultra-small socket. If the previous product is not equipped with peripheral circuit, when the battery is energized, the LED lights will go out, causing a safety hazard to the surrounding environment. However, the new product USES only one chip to help socket LED lights achieve safe lighting and miniaturization.

       In addition, to support high-brightness white leds that are easy to heat, the new product also has a built-in feature to suppress LED heating, so it can be applied to DRL using white leds.

    Samples of the new product will go on sale from December 2019 and mass production is scheduled to begin in July 2020

    In the automotive field, LED headlight applications are growing rapidly due to their long life and high density installation. By installing a large number of electronic components on the circuit board of the module, the on-board LED lamp realizes diversified design and higher performance. More recently, in addition to design flexibility, there has been a greater emphasis on maintainability, and the corresponding requirements are increasing.

    In this case, socket LED lights (such as LED bulbs) are easy to replace and have better maintainability. However, it is difficult to achieve socket miniaturization and limited flexibility in design.

    Rohm's new products for these themes are small enough to fit into subcompact sockets for LED lights. They can also bypass the current function when the battery voltage is low and provide safe lighting when the battery voltage is low.