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The development of domestic chip is of great significance


  1. Chips are not only common products, but also related to industrial safety, national security, social welfare and social stability. Therefore, the development of integrated circuit industry is of great significance to China.

    In recent years, China is developing the integrated circuit industry and is exploring new ways. Mid - and high-end analog semiconductors, as an important branch, have been heavily dependent on imports in recent years. How to develop China's simulation industry has become a problem worthy of attention.

    From the perspective of the global integrated circuit market, the total output value of the global integrated circuit market in 2019 is 420 billion us dollars, while China's market is 43 billion us dollars, accounting for one tenth of the global market, which is still very high. The weak.

    China should become a power in the chip industry, not just a big country. The concept of a great power should be divided into three parts. No great power can be great without it. Getting bigger is one of the ways of IC development.

    Integrated circuit industry is an irreplaceable industry, the core of which is the transistor. All the computing that we can think of now can be done using transistors oh, transistors are very cheap. There are about 4 billion transistors on a memory chip. It only costs about four dollars. A transistor is much cheaper than a grain of rice. No other technology can replace it in the foreseeable future.

    Not only that, the size of the IC market is growing every year. Of course, there may be less by 2020 because of the epidemic. While toilet paper is a stable industry, this year's product, next year, the year after can be continued, because it does not need to be updated.

    As for chips, chips made this year may still be available for sale next year, but they must not be sold the following year. Although the growth rate of the chip industry is only 10%, there are many new products and new requirements even if the output value is not increased due to the technological update.

    Today's CMOS sensor market is worth more than $10 billion. Driven by mobile devices and automotive applications, the CMOS imaging (CIS) industry is expected to grow at a cagr of 10.4% from 2015 to 2021. This presents huge opportunities for new sources of economic growth.

    Integrated circuits themselves are a big market, cutting prices to grab foreign markets. Second, the industry also needs to find innovative points to fundamentally solve the problem. China's current integrated circuit industry is still very weak, the whole industry is still in the catch-up stage, need the joint efforts of all manufacturers, can not rely on the rise of manufacturers to solve the problem, this is not realistic.