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How do rohm resistors achieve small volume high power conversion


  1. Rheostat is an essential electronic component in the circuit principle. After years of development, it has evolved directly into a patch type for a long time, and the specification will become smaller and smaller. Even some rheostat can only see high-power glass through amplification. The roma first mass-produced the 0402 rheostat in 1989. According to the survey, these rheostat are now widely used in the world. By 2018, sales of Roman resistors have exceeded 2.5 trillion, with three types of rheostat - 0402, 0201 and 0603 - accounting for about 85 percent of total sales. With the increasing integration of electronic products, customers have put forward more stringent requirements on the specification of electronic components. It can be seen that the demand for small package rheostat, such as 0201 and 01005, gradually increases, while the demand for large package rheostat, such as 0603, gradually decreases, and rheostat becomes more and more practical.

    Especially in automobiles, integration plays an increasingly important role. In addition to practicability, customers' demand for power is also growing steadily. Therefore, in 2017, Rome developed and designed a small and medium-sized separation rheostatic GMR100 with a power of 6.4 × 3.2 mm. The product has won a five-star reputation in the mechanical equipment industry because of its strict temperature regulations that ensure its vehicle cutting and length-width ratio. In 2019, Rome also released a new generation of separation rheostat GMR50. "In the rheostat market, power and utility are the inevitable trends," roma semiconductor said. People are constantly expanding their rheostat and price rheostat product line-up to be customer-centric."

    To ensure smooth supply, Romm established a plant in the Philippines in June 2019 to expand the production capacity of high-power separation rheostat and sell electricity price rheostat goods. High heat pipe cooling structure is selected to maintain high power and maximum power

    In the application of vehicle interceptors, the role of the vehicle is integrated, and the density of parts installed is higher. The natural environment of heat pipes containing rheostat of other outfield electronic equipment is becoming more and more severe. In view of this problem, the heat pipe cooling design scheme becomes more and more important. In 2 m Ω GMR50 rheostat in 5 m below the standard applications, compared with 5025 specifications of the general merchandise, success will surface temperature was reduced by 57%.

    "The GMR50 rheostat is basically developed and designed in the GMR100. If the design concept of GMR100 is followed, the commercial application cannot solve the problem of heat pipe cooling. For the internal structure of the GMR50 rheostat, practicality should be considered during the whole dry adjustment process. ; In addition to the heat pipe cooling; The compressive strength of the resistor has been dry regulated. Due to the poor adhesion of the potential release relative to the ground stress, some raw materials of the electrode have been replaced to make the electrical level have stronger adhesion. After that, a large number of gmr320-compliant resistors will be released, all based on their current technological advantages."

    Maintain a low resistance temperature index in a low resistance range

    In general, the lower the resistance, the higher the temperature index of the resistance. In mechanical equipment designed to cope with harsh natural conditions and their stated reliability, high-precision current testing is affected by changes in operating temperature. The resistor body of the GMR50 rheostat is made of alloy products and has an excellent resistance temperature index in the low resistance range. In vehicle interception and industrial production, electronic components must have high reliability.

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