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The impact of rohm semiconductor on automotive companies


  1. When an avalanche occurs, no snowflakes can escape. No car company is immune to the outbreak. Because of the globalisation of the epidemic, Roman semiconductor manufacturers cannot supply their goods properly. As the globalization of the covid 19 epidemic intensifies, its impact on the automotive supply chain continues to expand

    According to the latest news, in addition to outside, the outbreak in China for the first time in South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, India, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and other countries also have created serious outbreak, lead to exist only in the early part of the automobile enterprise labor shortages, was forced to stop production, supply chain disruptions, the problem such as car sales slump, presents the development trend of globalization

    In South Korea, for example, hyundai motor Co. announced in early February that it would phase out production at its south Korean plant. Subsequently, kia, ssangyong, Renault and others also participated in the work stop-work to deal with supply disruptions caused by the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

    With the exception of suzuki, which makes or sells little in China, several major Japanese brands have been hit hard by the outbreak. The outbreak has directly affected the production and demand of vehicles

    In Europe, with Italy the worst-hit country after China, major car and parts makers have closed factories in Italy, cut production and considered sending workers home in recent days.

    Whether we like it or not, the outbreak has turned into a global disaster.

    Things may be getting better in China as more car and parts companies resume orderly production, but that doesn't mean everyone can rest assured. It is well known that there are about 20,000 to 30,000 parts in a car, and if the supply of any of them is abnormal, it may not be possible to build a car. It is unrealistic to rely on a single market to ensure the normal supply of such a large number of parts. For example, many key household car parts are imported

    This means that any abnormal functioning of the world's major automotive manufacturing and consumer markets, including China, could affect the normal functioning of global supply chains. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal supply of parts, enterprises have actively taken a variety of self-help measures, including air parts, replacement of suppliers, capacity transfer and so on.

    In order to make production better and shorten the logistics time of parts, many automobile companies often require suppliers to set up factories nearby when selecting suppliers, or the suppliers actively cooperate with automobile manufacturers to set up factories nearby. Car company. However, with the outbreak of COVID 19 affecting the production, logistics and transportation of many parts suppliers around the world, automakers have stopped worrying about the location of suppliers. For them, the most important thing is to ensure a continuous supply of parts. As a result, many car companies have started flying parts to keep their production lines running

    Currently, there is much speculation that the outbreak will shift the automotive supply chain abroad, with only 13 percent of the 1,334 respondents believing that the outbreak of globalization will accelerate the shift of the automotive supply chain to southeast Asia, Africa and Africa. Elsewhere, more participants insist that China's role in the global supply chain is unshakable, and that the auto industry is set to accelerate toward China

    Many say the epidemic is a mirror of human nature, for better or worse. But in fact, for enterprises, there is a similar effect, through this outbreak, can let more enterprises find their own shortcomings. For example, in establishing a strong supply chain systems, or without, for carmakers and component companies are very important, but in many companies can do it later, it did not reach the specified location, after the outbreak, many enterprises especially witnessed the foreclosure crisis, many believe that the company will actively improve in this respect, in the long run, to avoid similar trouble again in the future