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ROM semiconductor SiC power element


  1. Rohm semiconductor (Rohm) expanded the silicon carbide (SiC) business, and applied to the electric vehicle (EV) of SiC MOSFET China automobile charging equipment (OBC) Tier1 suppliers - united automobile electronic co., LTD. (united automotive electronic system co., LTD., headquartered in Shanghai, hereinafter referred to as the UAES company), in China (Tier1) also marks the Roman auto electrical system of large supply chain, from October 2020 to UAES is expected to provide OBC for carmakers.

    SiC power elements are semiconductors with significant loss reduction and are therefore increasingly used in electric vehicles as well as in infrastructure, environmental/energy fields and industrial control equipment

    Roma was the first company to start mass production of SiC MOSFET in 2010. As the leading brand of SiC power components, ROMM has been actively promoting the development of related products. In the automotive sector, rohm was the first to supply automotive electric products in 2012, and has a high market share in the field of fast chargers for electric vehicles. It is also being introduced into electric motors and inverters in electric cars.

    This time, ROAES SiC MOSFET was adopted by UAES'OBC products. The efficiency of the new OBC unit is 1% higher than that of the traditional OBC unit (up to 95.7% efficiency and about 20% lower power consumption). The solution also received an annual UAES technical advance in 2019