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What are the strain characteristics of the pressure sensor?


  1. In recent years, pressure sensors have been widely used, and many products are in use. According to different types of test pressure, pressure sensors can be divided into gauge pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor and absolute pressure sensor. What is the strain characteristic of the pressure sensor? When measuring the strain of the element, the strain gauge can be directly connected to the component, but if force, pressure, acceleration, etc. are to be measured, these physical quantities will first be converted to strain, and then the strain gauge will be used for measurement. The initial part of this transformation process is often referred to as elastic primordial. Therefore, the strain gauge sensor is usually composed of elastic original strain sensor and strain gauge.

    Elastic sensitive precursors are the core components of sensors. Elastic materials are required to have high elastic energy storage capacity, which is usually expressed as the ability of elastic materials to store deformation without permanent deformation. Pressure sensor has good processing and heat treatment performance, strong compressive strength. Because the influence of temperature is small, the correct selection of elastic strain sensor is an important way to improve the strain sensor.

    1. High optical accuracy of measuring range. The force sensor can measure 0.01fs with an accuracy of more than 0.05% fs. The pressure sensor can measure 1000000.1≤ pressure with accuracy up to 0.1% FS.

    2. Stable and reliable performance and long service life. For example, a weighing mechanical rod indicates that it is difficult to maintain accuracy for long periods of time due to friction and deformation between the rod and the blade. Electronic pumps made from resistance strain type weighing sensors, truck scales and track scales can operate steadily for long periods of time under harsh environmental conditions.

    3. Very good frequency response. The response time of the resistance strain gauge of the pressure sensor was 0.01ms.