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ROM chip for the car escort


  1. ROM semiconductor is the quiet king of the automotive world. In discrete products, for example, its resistors, diodes and SiC account for 17 percent, 20 percent and 23 percent of the on-board market, respectively. In particular, in recent years, its SiC products have become very popular in the new energy vehicle wave. This is largely due to their accumulation over the past decade, argues Mr Romm.

    ROHM semiconductor ROHM in some electric scenarios of the car.

    Both conventional and new energy vehicles will become increasingly electric, which will undoubtedly add more electronic devices, such as the ECU. "For example, wiper control, seat control, electronic systems. Each small system has an ECU. Now, with the development of electric vehicles, the number of ECU is also more and more, this requests us in the design of the system when the need to protect ECU from such as overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating, such as the impact of all of a sudden, "" the so-called" smart "high and low side switches, equivalent to the interior of the transistor is the basis of the original joined the similar over-current protection, overheating protection and overvoltage protection (such as the internal protection circuit, when applied to the system, highly reliable valve in the event of a failure to provide protection circuit. The market, including some of the more demanding industrial control markets, is where the switch has a very large application space."

    1. The independent overcurrent protection function pioneered by the industry facilitates the construction of highly reliable systems

    2.ECU protects various systems

    The new product can be used in a variety of systems by changing the constants of external capacitors and resistors according to the protection time of the surge current and the set value of the abnormal current of the steady-state current.

    3. Can greatly reduce the number of parts

    "The product can be used in engine control units, gearbox control units, idle stop control units, headlights, oil-pressure suspension control units and anti-lock braking systems. It is very suitable for the ECU protection of the abovementioned ev. In addition, as a semiconductor switch without switching sound, can also be widely used in relay (circuit switching) applications.