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The ROM Qi on-board wireless charging solution USES stmicroelectronics NFC reader IC and 8-bit microcontroller


  1. Rohm has launched an on-board wireless charging solution that supports NFC * 1. The solution consists of ROM developed onboard wireless charging control IC, transmitter, stmicroelectronics (hereinafter referred to as "ST") NFC reader IC and 8-bit microcontroller control.

    The solution supports the WPC * 3 Qi standard EPP and can provide 15W power. It is a multi-coil product (charging range is about 2.7 times of the single-coil type) with a wider charging range, which can meet the requirements of on-board charging.

    Wireless charging technology, which improves connector security, water resistance and dust resistance, is gaining popularity in a wide range of areas such as smart phones and other mobile devices. It is also increasingly used in hotels, airports, cafes, central control stations for cars and other infrastructure.

    At present, CE4A * 4, the European automotive standard, has adopted the WPC Qi standard, the fastest popularized standard, as the on-board charging standard. By 2025, more cars are expected to be equipped with charging stations that support the Qi standard.

    On the other hand, take full advantage of NFC authentication, which can not only be paired with Bluetooth®/ wi-fi for connectivity to in-vehicle infotainment devices, but is also expected to be used for door locking, engine startup, and car-sharing systems.

    In this case, as a full member of WPC, rohm has made full use of its advantages and outstanding achievements in the field of wireless charging control IC. Combining with ST's on-board NFC reader IC, rohm has quickly launched an on-board wireless charging solution that supports the following functions: NFC.

    The combination of the two technologies is very helpful to promote the innovation of on-board application technology with smartphone as the core device, thus enabling smartphone-led mobile terminal charging and on-board bluetooth ®/ wi-fi network pairing. Action.

    Rohm plans to sell samples of the reference boards later. Combined with the sold Qi certification receiver reference board "bd57015gwl-evk-002", in-car wireless charging supporting WPC Qi standard EPP can be easily realized.

    In the future, ROM will also take the lead in developing chipsets to create a comfortable environment for the expanding wireless charging market.

    NFC- enabled onboard wireless charging solution features >

    1. Foreign body detection (NFC card in smartphone)

    If there is a metal object between the transmitter and receiver ends, metal heating may cause the shell to deform or burn. In order to prevent this from happening, the Qi standard requires that the detection function of metal foreign body must be configured, but the antenna detection may damage the NFC card (Suica, etc.) and other problems.

    Combined with the NFC function, the NFC card inserted into the smartphone can be detected to prevent magnetic field damage.

    2. Use NFC equipment certification to implement the on-board entertainment system!

    Traditionally, Bluetooth® and wi-fi pairing Settings have been required every time a smartphone and in-car infotainment device are connected. By combining wireless charging with NFC, it can not only charge smartphones and other mobile terminals, but also provide NFC certified instant pairing to automatically connect to the on-board Bluetooth®/ wi-fi network.

    Just put your smartphone on a charging dock in your car and you'll be able to share photos with infotainment devices and link to navigation systems.

    3. Use NFC's personal authentication to share cars!

    It also wants to use NFC to connect cars to smartphones, and in the future hopes for car-sharing systems that don't rely on traditional keys or special CARDS.

    "About Roman wireless charging technology >

    As a full member of WPC, ROM has been actively involved in the development of the WPC Qi standard since its inception and has been actively promoting product development to meet market needs, such as the rapid development of 15W class control IC and reference design.

    The industry's first 15W qi-certified reference boards, bd57020mwv-evk-001 (transmitter) and bd57015gwl-evk-001 (receiver), were sold online, greatly promoting the popularity of wireless charging.

    This time, we developed a new wireless charging control IC "bd57121muf-m" (transmitter) that supports the aec-q100 standard.

    The STM8A series of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers for on-board use come in a variety of storage capacities and packages, as well as a rich mix of compatibility, which can be selected based on desired performance and functionality.

    In addition, the product lineup includes not only products with built-in data EEPROM, but also products equipped with CAN and guaranteed operating temperature