Rohm power components electronic radiator cooling mode and mute requirements


  1. In the process that we use rohm power component electron radiator, know more about rohm power component electron radiator, help us to use better, accordingly rohm power component electron radiator USES the way that dissipate heat to have a few kinds, what characteristic has specific? Below we shenzhen lian feng tai technology co., LTD. For you to sort out the relevant instructions.

    One of the methods of rohm power component electronic radiator: heat conduction

    Heat conduction is the transfer of heat from a hot region to a cold region by means of objects in direct contact. The most efficient method is to connect the power semiconductor device shell to the shell and the shell to the radiator.

    Method 2: heat convection

    The hot air around a hot object is less dense than the cold air nearby, so there is a natural convection between the hot air and the cold air. The method by which a moving gas or liquid carries away heat through the surface of a hot conductor is called heat convection.

    Rohm power component electronic radiator method 3: thermal radiation

    Because its thermal conductivity is different from the temperature of nearby objects or space, it releases heat outward in the form of radiation. This cooling is called thermal radiation. According to blackbody radiation principle, the surface temperature of radiator is higher, the surface is rougher, the blackening rate of the surface is higher, the heat dissipation capacity of radiator is stronger. Therefore, most radiators will produce black treatment after oxidation to increase their heat dissipation capacity.

    The above three methods can be used to explain the related contents of rohm power module and electronic radiator. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We will continue to update you with more relevant instructions.

    In the process of using rohm power component electronic radiator, what is the quiet requirement for rohm power component electronic radiator? Below we sort out for you the quiet requirements of shenzhen lianfengtai technology co., LTD.

    Now the computer CPU electronic radiator not only pursues the super heat dissipation capacity, but also provides the user with the remarkable use experience. In terms of heat dissipation performance, there are no significant differences among the major manufacturers. A new PWM cold control technology is used to realize low temperature and energy saving operation. The characteristics of the technology are: low temperature working state, heater does not participate in the work.

    In cooling electronic components, it shall determine the working parameters, working conditions, size, installation, choice of roma power components, electronic radiator surface is slightly greater than can be installed in the bottom of the element size, so that single rib radiator, if the width of the radiator to the clearance in the table, you can choose the width of the radiator can double or triple truncation. In the current central heating operation management is not standardized, the electronic radiator for electroless plating, anti-corrosion coating, can extend its service life, but not absolutely safe, not the best method, but helpless.

    Above is the information about the silent requirements of the electronic radiator of ROM power module. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We will continue to update more relevant instructions for you.